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Add to Search Bar 1.7

Add any search form to Firefox search engines


  • Very easy to use
  • Works with any search field


  • Nothing really important

Very good

Firefox includes an embedded search field that you can customize with your favorite search engines. The usual way to do this is by installing special plug-ins developed by websites (like the one we have for Softonic) or by looking for them on Mozilla's official site.

But now there's another way to add new search engines to Firefox: it's called Add to Search Bar and it's an extension that enables you to add just about any search field you find on any webpage as a new search engine.

Once added, you'll be able to search that webpage from anywhere on the Internet, using Firefox's embedded search field. To add a new search engine, simply right click on the search field you want to add and select the "Add to Search bar" option.

Write a name and select an icon for your brand new search engine and you're done!

I can't really think of any downsides to this great extension.

It works perfectly well and can save you loads of time. Well, to be honest, I missed having a few more configuration options, but I guess the extension is so easy and straightforward it doesn't really need them.

Have you ever wanted to have a search engine available in the search bar of Firefox that is neither shipped by default nor to be found on Mycroft?

With the Add to Search Bar extension you can add the search functionality of any page to the search box by navigating to the search engine, placing the mouse pointer on top of the search engine's search box and clicking "Add to Search Bar".

Add to Search Bar


Add to Search Bar 1.7

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